800+whp Supra Races 750+whp Civic

Turbo K20 Honda Civic runs against 800+whp Toyota Supra

This time around this TD Autowerkes Built Honda Civic roll races a Toyota Supra on the street. The Civic is a K20A engine with a stock head and stock sleeves boosted with a PTE6266 Turbo running on a AEM E85 tune! The Civic made just over 750 front wheel horsepower on the dyno. The Toyota Supra is running a partially built 2JZ engine boosted with a BW S376 Turbo backed with a Automatic Turbo 400 transmission. The Supra made about 800 rear wheel horsepower on the dyno.


These two battle it out with two roll races starting at 50mph. Rumor has it the Civic was having traction issues. Well what do you expect with 750 horsepower going through the front wheels? Of course you'll notice the classic random sport bike getting involved in the action! Check out the video below to see if the Civic could hold off the Supra.


750hp Civic Races 800hp Supra Video


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