5 Ways The Car Wash Will DESTROY Your Car!

Take your car to your local car wash often? Better think twice!

If you're reading this, then likely your a car enthusiast who may attend car shows or car meets often. You also probably don't want to show up to a show or meet with a dirty car. So you may have taken your car through a automated car wash a time or two. Well that can be a big mistake for many people. Below are five ways how a car wash can destroy your car.

1. Mitter Curtains

These clothes are soft and meant to help wipe dirt off your car. Unfortunately after washing thousands of cars they will develop tears and when car washes are not properly maintained these mitter curtains with tears will not be replaced. When this happens it gives debris a place to stick to like. For example if a muddy vehicle comes through before you, small rocks could get stuck to these mitter curtains and they will scratch your paint. They have also been known to get stuck to windshield wipers and antennas ripping them right off your vehicle.

2. Touch less Carwashes

Although this sounds like a great thing, it's too good to be true. While there is no conveyor belt to potentially curb your wheels on, since it's touch less, it can often times still leaves your vehicle dirty. But most companies use hydrofluoric acid to help break down the dirt. Well this acid is not good for your paint, it will eat away at your clear coat which eventually destroys your paint because hydrofluoric acid is very corrosive.

3. Conveyor Systems

Yes, carwash conveyor systems have plastic or rubber guards which in theory rub against the wheel or tire and should not cause any damage. But when a carwash is not properly maintained these guards will get damaged and parts of them can break off leaving your tires or wheels to become damaged by bolts and other sharp objects. It's much more common nowadays as more and more cars come with lower profile tires.

4. Water Spots

Sure, car washes usually have big giant turbo looking blow dryers at the end, but lets face it, they never get your vehicle completely dry. So you're left with water spots and with some vehicle colors, it might look worse then it did before you went through the car wash. Well water spots don't really sound bad, it's the aftermath they can cause in some cases thats bad. If left alone, water spots can actually cause etching in your paint. This will leave the outer lines of the water spots showing still even after dried and usually they require buffing to get them out.

5. People

At some nicer car washes, people are employed usually to dry off your car after going through the automated system. Well if people are lazy using the same towel over and over again or using the towel after dropping it on the ground can leave them contaminated with paint scratching debris. Or they just don't do a very good job still leaving water spots on your car and leftover brake dust on your wheels.


To avoid these possible issues, you can do some research on proper car cleaning methods and products to do it yourself. A good place to start would be a good car cleaning kit and wheel and tire cleaner. Another option would be to take your vehicle to a self washing booth. Here you will do it all yourself with the supplied water and soap supply. You can also bring your soap and microfiber towels to ensure there is no scratching of your paint.


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