5 Things You Should Never Do In A Brand New Car!

Buying a brand new car is intoxicating and you likely want to go out balls to wall and see what your new baby can do. But that is the worse thing to do with a brand new engine. Do yourself a favor and use the break in periods to get used to the car so that you're comfortable in it when it does come time to open it up. Each manufacturer has their own break in periods and procedures. Mostly this is to make sure the piston rings seal properly against the cylinder walls. This minimizes oil consumption and excessive wear. Most recommended break in's state to keep RPM's under 4k and to not go full throttle. Check out the video below for detailed explanation and examples for break in periods.

Brand New Car Break In Key Points

1. Don't Floor It, usually 50% or less throttle is recommended.
2. Don't bring engine rpm's to engine's redline.
3. Don't use cruise control.
4. Avoid Short Distance Travel(Make sure everything get up to operating temperatures)
5. Avoid Towing(This causes extra strain on your engine)

Always keep your safety in mind first!


Brand New Car Break In Explained Video



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