2019 Mid Engine Corvette – New Photos & What We Know

What we currently know about the brand new 8th generation 2019 Chevrolet Mid Engine Corvette


In today's video below we talked about the 2019 mid-engine Corvette. Throughout this year there's been a lot of spy images taken of the mid-engine Corvette and there's also been a lot of information leaked about it. But, what people are still wondering is will the mid-engine Corvette be available for the 2019 model year and what kind of power can we expect to see from it? Well in this video below will be talking about the latest rumors about the 2019 mid-engine Corvette and it’ll also show you some spy images and give you a little history about the mid-engine Corvette.


The mid-engine Corvette it's something that car enthusiasts have been dreaming about for many years countless concepts have been created by GM. None of them have ever made it into production but all of that is about to change. This year there have been multiple sightings of mid-engine Corvettes out in public. In the video below there are some of the latest images taken back in July. As you can see the car is heavily camouflaged but it's still recognizable as a Corvette. The fact that this car is so heavily camouflaged is a good sign that we're looking at production-ready bodywork.


What's even more interesting is that when these images were taken Chevy had just shut down the plant that produces Corvettes and for those of you who don't know the Corvette assembly plant is in Bowling Green Kentucky. Chevy says the factory was shut down to prepare for the 2018 model year but many people are speculating that Chevy is preparing to produce the mid-engine Corvette.


It's safe to say that the mid-engine Corvette is very close to production so if you're in the market for a new Corvette, you better start saving now because it won't be long until it's released and it’ll likely cost around $100k. One thing that a lot of people don't know is that Chevy has been thinking about making a mid-engine Corvette for several years now and throughout the Corvettes history there have been several mintage and concepts made, but sadly none of them have ever been mass-produced. Ever since the 1960s Chevy has teased the idea of making a mid-engine Corvette. Many concepts have been made throughout the years but none have ever made it to production.


Mid-Engine Corvette in Motor Trend a decade ago


About ten years ago a mid-engine Corvette was featured and it was in an issue of Motor Trend magazine from 2007. When this issue came out they were talking about the next generation Corvette and one of the things they heavily talk about is a then mid-engine Corvette. Throughout the article they show concept images of vettes. The article says that the vice chairman of GM was pushing for a mid-engine Corvette for the seventh generation and it goes on to say that a mid-engine Corvette would coincide with a front-engine Corvette. But on the next page they talk about some of the pros and cons of a mid-engine Corvette and one of the things that probably killed it was the fact that it would have cost a lot of money to make.

Don’t forget this article was written back in 2007 and the very next year came the recession of 2008 and as we all know GM and getting bailed out by the government. This ended any hopes of the mid-engine Corvette project. So had it not been for the recession of 2008 there would probably be mid-engine Corvettes on the roads today. Let that sink in for a moment if it wasn't for the recession the mid-engine Corvette would probably have been made at this point and here we are exactly 10 years later and the mid-engine Corvette has all but been officially confirmed by GM. So it's only a matter of time before the mid-engine Corvette is revealed to the world.



Our final thoughts on the mid-engine Corvette


We think it's exciting that Chevy is finally going to make a mid-engine Corvette after years of speculation and rumors we finally have concrete evidence that Chevy is working on a mid-engine Corvette. The release is right around the corner, literally as we're coming towards the end of 2017 already and within a few months Chevy may finally release a mid-engine Corvette. If there's ever been the right time in history to release the mid-engine Corvette that time is now. The car world is on fire right now and the competition is greater than it's ever been before now.


Who will be buying a mid-engine Corvette?


Honestly you would definitely consider the price points will just be a little too high as people are speculating the mid-engine Corvette will cost anywhere from 95k-105k and just a little pricey for most people. But it's definitely going to be an amazing car that most can't wait until the day comes out. Before too long we’ll be watching the mid-engine Corvette being pitted up against a Ferrari.


So what do you guys think of the mid-engine Corvette? Let us know in the comments below and enjoy watching the video below.


2019 Mid-Engine Corvette Speculation Video

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