2017 Camaro ZL1 vs 2016 Challenger Hellcat Roll Race

There is no doubt the "big 3" have had some rivals for years when it comes to beating one another and you can't deny that it's been pretty exciting lately. Hennessey takes a stock 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat which has an automatic with the supercharged 707 horsepower V8 engine and roll races it against the brand new 2017 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 with a 6-speed manual and a supercharged 650 horsepower V8 engine.


John Hennessey says if it wasn't for ZL1 having to shift that these two cars would be neck and neck. Check out the video below of the 35-120mph roll races.


2017 Camaro ZL1 vs Challenger Hellcat Roll Race Video


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