180mph New Mexico Street Racing with Fights

Illegal Street Racing in New Mexico reaching speeds up to 180 mph on public roads!


1320Video recently traveled to New Mexico were they captured a ton of street racing action with roll races, dig races, 3 ways and extreme speeds of up to 180mph. There were 800 horsepower imports and 1000 horsepower domestics, crashes and even fist fights over the races. There is plenty of excitment and mayhem on the streets in New Mexico.

Most anyone in the racing community hates to see fist fights, but sometimes emotions get the best of us and people engage in violence. But really, is any of these really worth fighting for? Well perhaps with big money on the line and if you've been involved in money racing then you know you can run on edge. Just check out all the New Mexico street racing action before in the video below.


180mph New Mexico Street with Fights Video


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