150 MPH Street Racing Crash in a 800 HP Corvette

Insane in car video footage of a 150 MPH Street Racing Crash!


Anyone knows that participating in an kind of street racings that danger could be lurking around the corner at any moment! Not to see that we condone these actions but it's important to be well aware of your surroundings while driving anything anytime. The video below shows two Chevrolet Corvettes battling it out in a heads up roll race on a Texas Highway. After banging a couple of gears you will notice a bump in the highway that doesn't bother one car, but for the car with in the in car camera it gets sideways and goes into the median wall at 150 miles per hour! Luckily for the two people in the Corvette they walked away without injury! As for the poor car it burst into flames and burns to the ground. Check out the video below and share it with your friends! Stay safe out there!


150 MPH Street Racing Crash Video

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