10 Surprisingly FAST Sleepers!

We've seen it before and we'll see again, a $200k Lamborghini getting beat by a car that's 5x cheaper. Although it's not common, it's still fun to watch. So here ten surprisingly fast sleepers racing and beating cars you wouldn't expect them to beat. 1320video put together a top 10 list for the fastest sleepers.


10. Turbo Honda Civic Beats Twin Turbo Lamborghini
9. Turbo Silverado beating up on a Corvette ZO6
8. Turbo Malibu 4 door 8 Second 1/4 mile(Read More Here)
7. LSx Willy's Jeep Beating up Corvette's
6. Farmtruck from Street Outlaws
5. Turbo V6 Mustang beating up Twin Turbo GTR
4. Twin Turbo Nissan 350z Destroys 707hp Hellcat Challenger
3. V8 swapped Mazda Miata
2. Turbocharged Nissan SUV with 2JZ swap
1. V8 Swapped Volvo beating up super cars at their own game


Ten Unsuspectingly Fast Cars Video


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